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STATE of SKATE Reports: 2016 & 2015 eBook

State of Skate 2016

BONUS: Download the STATE of Skate 2016 and receive the STATE of Skate 2015, a $99.99 value.

The 2016 State Of Skate is a comprehensive look at the skateboarding industry and its audience, produced by TransWorld Business in partnership with the International Association of Skateboarding Companies (IASC) and all data analysis conducted by Strategic Market Intelligence.

This year's report combines proprietary research, third-party data, and direct access to the world’s largest endemic consumer base to create a comprehensive snapshot of the current market, including retail trends and consumer behavior. The consumer survey, based on a sample from Transworld Skateboarding’s digital audience, takes a deep dive on skaters’ brand loyalties and influences to find out what they’re buying, where they’re buying it, and how often. On the retail side, our unique survey reveals what’s happening inside key specialty skate shops across the country, providing direct information about the institutions that many consider to be the backbone of the skate industry.

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